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This site is GDPR compliant.
As required by legislation, this is to inform you that any data & contact information we may have concerning you such as name, email addresses & contact numbers will not be shared with any third parties without your prior permission except when required by law. By giving us this information you agree that we may contact you via email, phone or Social media. This document has been prepared in accordance with our privacy, security and data protection policy which confirms our commitment and respect for the privacy and personal data protection rules. The use and navigation on our websites, applications, digital products and services, filling in our forms and providing data directly or indirectly, implies that the user is aware of and accepts the terms and conditions of this privacy and security policy. By providing your personal data, you consent to its collection, processing, use and disclosure in accordance with these rules.

Privacy Policy & Terms

Your privacy rights matter to us. We wish to be transparent about how we use your data and inform you of the steps we take so that we keep it appropriately safe:

  • We do – use data to help us provide you with a great service, and tailor the information we share with you to help make it relevant, useful and timely
  • We do – respect your privacy and work hard to meet regulatory requirements
    We don’t – sell your personal data to third parties
  • Whilst we hope you enjoy hearing from us you can of course ask us at any time to stop sending you emails or any form of communication.


Privacy and Security Policy – What does it cover?

This policy applies solely to the collection, processing, use and disclosure of personal or navigation data as explained above.


Privacy and Security Policy – Personal data, what is it?

Personal data refers to any information you choose to share with us regardless of how this process is carried out, including sound and image, relating to an individual or entity and through which they can be identified. Personal data is considered to be any information relating to an individual who can be identified or is identifiable through it, whose identification can be found directly or indirectly, in particular by an identification number, name, date of birth, phone number, email, address and other data elements.

All personal information that may be collected during the site visit or communication sent to us by the user of the websites or applications, is done with the user’s prior consent through the acceptance of these terms and policies. All the collected data is processed in accordance with current legislation. The relevant data protection policies comply with the established guidelines to enable us to the best of our abilities thereby ensuring our commitment to respect the privacy of the user.


Privacy and Security Policy – What type of personal data is collected?

Dependent upon circumstances we will, in compliance with legal requirements and with your authorization collect and process the personal data you choose to share so as to make it necessary to provide services and/or subscription of features, products, services or communication. All data provided by you will be stored digitally e.g email addresses, etc. This will be carried out in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law, which data is to be collected, the processing means for that data and the format and purpose for which they are to be used. The collected personal data is processed by computer and in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law.


Privacy and Security Policy – What is the personal data used for?

The personal data provided or collected is commonly used in the management of all types of contractual relationships i.e the provision of contracted, subscribed or other services; by providing us with this data you agree that it may be also be used for the study, improvement and adaptation of services to needs and interests; e.g – information and marketing initiatives, campaigns, promotions, advertising & for statistical studies. You may provide personal data for other purposes, such as for sending suggestions, contributions, institutional information, taking part in competitions, conducting market studies, evaluation surveys, etc..


Privacy Policy – How long is your personal data stored for?

The time for storing and keeping the data varies depending on why the information is used. There are however legal requirements which require the data to be held for a certain period of time. Whenever there is no specific legal requirement, the data is stored and kept for the period necessary for the purpose for which it was collected or supplied, or for the period of time authorised by the various Governing bodies & Institutions.


Privacy and Security Policy – Credit card data security

We are aware that sending personal information is a major concern when using the Internet. We will never request your credit card details directly but always direct you to a known and reputable organization such as PayPal or similar but only if you wish to subscribe, donate or make a purchase of a service or product. It is our understanding that security is provided by the SSL application (secure socket layer) technology, which encodes communications between your device and the organization accepting payment for goods or services.


Privacy and Security Policy – Under what circumstances is there communication of data to third parties?

We may on occasion use other entities to provide certain services. E.g – Paypal or similar. Or an Organization to provide a product or other type of service. This may involve the access by these entities to users’ personal data. Therefore, it is our understanding that any entity used by us will process users’ personal data, under the strict obligation to take the necessary measures to ensure the protection of personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorised access and to protect it from all other unlawful forms of processing. All reasonable measures are undertaken that such entities comply with the highest guarantees in terms of security and reputation. Personal data may also be shared if requested & required by legal authorities.


Privacy and Security Policy – Conditions for updating or deleting your personal data

You may at any stage request that your personal data is updated or deleted.


Privacy and Security Policy – Security Advice

In common with all sites that require Hosting and with all users of Internet Providers we have no direct control over the Hosting servers or Internet providers but nevertheless endeavor to apply all the necessary security measures at our disposal. However, we will to the best of our ability ensure the protection and security of the personal data provided by implementing, wherever possible, the technical and procedural practices and ensuring that compliance with this is mandatory by all those who legally access the data. The objective of these measures is to ensure that they, within our scope, protect the personal data to the best of our joint abilities. We further endeavor within our ability to implement measures to protect said personal data from any form of unlawful processing.
Notwithstanding the security measures adopted we further advise all users that when accessing the internet they must take additional security measures, including the use of an appropriate computer and/or device and browser in terms of security and that they exercise caution when using shared computers. They must also not give or share their login data to other persons. We cannot accept any responsibility for misuse or for factors beyond our control.


Privacy and Security Policy – Do you need to take any further action.

No further action is required on your part if you have read and accepted the above Terms & Conditions.
Thank you.
Prepared & Verified: 17 May 2018

Privacy Policy
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