Dr. Anthony Darkstone


Dr. Anthony Darkstone does Magic of the Mind. He is an enigmatic, esoteric & eclectic mix of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Internationally respected as an Entertainer for several decades, he has been referred to as a Magician, Psychic Entertainer, Thought Receptor and as a Sorcerer of the 21 st Century.

However, whatever label you choose to give him he is a fascinating Entertainer. His performances provoke the question as to whether the human mind is truly capable of extraordinary feats. Is what he does, real? Is what he does, mere illusion? Whatever the answer, one thing is certain. The expression of alternate possibilities manifests itself throughout his performances that are thought provoking, completely intriguing and highly Entertaining. His talents as a Magician of the Mind have led him to entertain audiences of all ages and from all walks of Life. His performances will stimulate your thinking and cause you to challenge your perceptions of Coincidence, ESP, Déjà vu, Telepathy and Second Sight.

One Man And His Mind

The show is purely for Entertainment purposes & Dr. Anthony Darkstone makes no claims of special powers.

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